Research Analyst (MNC) – 12K-15K/ Month+ Benefits


Job title:       Research Analyst

Location:      Dubai,U.A.E

Department: Research Team

Reports To : Research Manager

Salary:           Competitive




One of our elite clients (MNC) – A leading international publisher of market research reports and other types of business information – is looking to build a research team inDubairesponsible for the UAE research. To this end, we are looking to recruit a number of analysts, of varied experience, to fill a direct research role.

This is an opportunity for self-motivated analysts to be part of the research team covering the UAE. The successful applicant will need to demonstrate a keen interest in, and knowledge of, local consumer trends.

Successful applicants should have a strong sense of personal responsibility for the achievement of goals in terms of both his/her countries and wider departmental responsibilities.

Department Structure

The syndicated research team is divided into three closely linked units:

  1. Account management

The account management team is ultimately responsible for managing client’s client base, maximising revenue opportunities, developing the reputation of system in the trade and communicating client expectation and key industry issues to client’s research team.

  1. Research

The research team produces: high quality qualitative and quantitative analysis on industry trends in each of our core of over 80 national markets (the responsibility of the County Research team); regional and global analysis consolidating national level trends (Industry team); and competitor analysis analysing key global players in each consumer market (Company team).

  1. IT

Client’s IT team develops sophisticated internet applications for clients and database and spreadsheet tools to optimise integrity of data gathered during the research process.

Research Management

The country research operation is led by the Global Research Manager and a team of Research Managers. The management team is responsible for more than 60 Research Analysts.

Collectively the Research Managers have the common goal of delivering high quality research and analysis within budget and to deadline. In practise this will be achieved through the effective management and development of all Research Analysts.

Research Analyst

Each Research Analyst has, at any one time, various project-specific responsibilities as well as wider spheres of responsibility within the unit’s global database projects. The role entails directly conducting research and analysis for the finalisation of projects.

Research coverage is of consumer markets as outlined above. Although the client could potentially be required to work outside their geographic focus, the vast majority of time is spent working in defined national markets. The Client therefore expects its research staff to be committed to building:

  • Research expertise
  • Regional/country expertise

The Research Analysts report to designated Research Managers.

Key Responsibilities

The Research Analysts work as a team and are responsible for updating and developing sections of new and existing datasets and reports for the FMCG industries covered. The role includes:

  • Secondary research, to gather published information;
  • Primary research;
  • Collating and analysing new research;
  • Report writing;
  • Client-facing responsibilities, which may include responding directly clients regarding queries, attending conferences, giving presentations etc
  • Statistical and textual editing;
  • Assessing and improving overall product quality;
  • Building research contacts and developing regional expertise.

Skills Required

  • Oral and written fluency in English and Arabic
  • Research track record, with proven skills in:
    • Desk research;
    • Trade interviewing;
    • Analysis and report writing;
  • High level of numeracy;
  • Computer literacy, with good experience of spreadsheet and word processing software – ideally Excel and Word;
  • Ability to work under pressure and to meet tight deadlines;
  • Tenacity and attention to detail.


Internal courses are provided on:

  • Research techniques;
  • Market analysis and report writing;
  • Client’s commercial environment;
  • Computer software as required.


  • Competitive salary commensurate with experience of successful candidate

Career Development

The Client is always keen to recruit from within the company and consequently the career of a Research Analyst might follow the path of Research Analyst to Senior Research Analyst to Research or Industry Manager. Other avenues are also open (such as roles focussing more on specific industries as an Industry Analyst or roles involving company analysis as a Company Analyst) depending on personal objectives, ability and potential.

The extent to and rate at which these additional responsibilities are added to the position is dependent on individual performance, ability and ambition to take on a wider role and overall rate of personal development. Consideration of expansion of responsibilities is at the discretion of the Global Research Manager.

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