Architect / Design Coordinator (Arabic) – AED 25K – Dubai

Job Title : Architect / Design Coordinator

Location: Dubai 

Salary: Upto AED 25K                                                           

Reports to: General  Manager

Note: Must be an Arabic speaker who has 8-10+ Years’ experience with  U.A.E Driving License

 Position Purpose

  • To coordinate and implement the plan, execute his duties to the highest possible standards. It is expected that his role will ensure the sound people and project management.

 Main Duties of Position

 Receiving and reviewing detailed shop drawing on the project from the site delivery team.

  • Monitoring and controlling changes / variations
  • Facilitating effective communication and action as main point of contact between the client and site delivery team.
  • Respond to contractor’s RFI’s.
  • Coordinate and solve site issues with the Consultant and Contractors
  • Ensuring the site delivery team receives the necessary information in a timely way.
  • Establishing a mechanism to ensure collaborative problem solving with the project team, this will involve regular dialogue with contractors.
  • Attending meetings and ensure minutes are actioned in a timely manner.
  • Identify and report site issues
  • Establishing formal reporting arrangements on project progress for the client

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  1. Samy Abdelhamid says:

    Having over 11+ year’s international experience, I have largely oversee areas of architectural aspects for construction projects including design, specifications, shop drawings and materials selection as well project management as a certified “PMP” and sustainability concepts as a certified “LEED Green Associate” . I improved my abilities to provide overall guidance in areas of budgets to meet project milestones. At present, I seek a challenging senior role and oversee assigned functions. As Senior Architect, with Drake & Scull Construction, Makkah, KSA, my experience includes shop drawings production process and review design drawings, reports, & specifications submitted at each stage of construction to ensure completeness, correctness, and compliance to project scope and international related norms such as NFPA and IBC. I pride myself in delivering my project on time within budget and in line with project stakeholders’ expectations. Among other tasks I can initiate steps to reduce costs, enhance efficiency and productivity during project progress.                 My ability to coordinate with MEP, structure, and ID drawing, integrate engineering element into the unified design can prove useful in future. My competencies include the ability to work efficiently in demanding work environments and possess domain knowledge. Among other tasks, I can prove to be valuable for your company in managing, raising and the reply of any related architecture works RFI, letters or any other official correspondence to the consultant, client, sub-contractors or any other stockholder and follow up on project documentation. In fact, I can also interface on ID designs and fit out works to comply with the operator requirements and standards because of my current experiences with HILTON hotels project.  I am dedicated to the principles of quality, dedication, and continuous improvement. A perusal of my resume can highlight how my experience and skills can effectively contribute substantially to your organization’s success. As such I appreciate an opportunity for an interview at your convenience to cement a fruitful relationship.Thank you for the time and consideration.  B.R Samy

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  2. Anmar Alani says:

    I tried yo mail my resume but failed notification return back, so please find a copy of my resume.

    Anmar Alani
    Senior Civil Engineer
    Nationality British
    Age 40
    Profession Civil Engineer since 1999
    Specialization Construction Supervision of buildings projects.
    Contact No. +971 55 9161102
    E-mail address
    Notice period immediately

    – On-site construction managing related to buildings projects and civil engineering works. Duties involve management’s assistance in contract administration, ensuring progress/quality control, approval of shop drawings, materials submitting, an issue of JSI & NCR, reviewing and review of V.O, payment application and work completion certificates.

    Skill & Expertise

    – Civil Engineering
    – Construction contracts
    – Site management
    – AutoCAD
    – Materials submittals
    – Team leader.
    – Design Coordination


    September 2015- November 2016

    Assign as Sr. project engineering, acting as assistance project manager in ASCS School and PM in Majan project.
    Invest all my previous experience as well as coordinate with QS, MEP sub-consultant for site organization for ASCS.

    • Majan building B+G+5
    Project status: De-watering under construction
    Cost : 5,400,000 M $

    • American school-ASCS_PH1
    Project status: Handed over
    Cost 13,700,000 M $

    May 2011 – August 2015

    worked in various projects small/ mid/ luxury acting as RE/ Site Manager, plan with contractor fastest way to meet client target on time, prepare the current, next stage to avoid any delay, secure materials on site after obtaining client approvals.

    Aj Design was the consultant & the client representative; therefore our duties were including our sponsor facilities management and maintenance.

    Major projects
    • Private palace. B+G+1+master suite floor.
    Position: RE

    • Musheirif Tower G+6+22
    Cost 17 M $
    Pile Package handed over.

    Position: RE

    Total projects value: 3 M $
    Project status: handed over

    • Amina Bent Ahmed Al Ghurair MOSQUE
    Position: ARE.
    Project Value: 11,000,000 $
    Project status: handed over

    • Luxury spa:
    Position: ARE.
    Project status: handed over

    • Luxury villa
    Position: ARE.
    Project status: handed over
    G+1+ S. block+ landscape.

    November 2009 – October 2010


    Position: Site Eng.
    Construction cost: 165 million $.

    Built Up area : 15000m2
    Construction completion : 2011

    Multiple use residential 22 floors accommodate 264 flats, 25-floor office tower, and mall plus parking spaces of two basements and two upper floors.


    Khatib & Alami CEC UAE (DUBAI)
    MAY 2005 – November 2009

    working on-site supervision for the 2-3 project follows site inspection, contractor quality of projects, review works shop drawing , materials submittals and delivery time compare with project program, monthly interim payment with the actual execution,


    January 2007 – April 2009
    Position: project Eng.

    Construction Cost: 86 Million US$
    Built-up area: 60,000 m2
    Construction Completion Date: 2009

    Al Tayer tower is a high-rise residential tower of 55 stories. The residential structure is design to house 244 apartments varying in 2, 3 and 4 bedrooms. The tower includes all building services plus two showrooms on its ground floor. A separate parking will be situated on Al Tayer’s adjacent plot, inclusive of a swimming pool and a health club. The adjacent building will be connected to the tower through a bridge at the mezzanine level.
    • Golf Tower& villas (EMAAR) – GREENS
    May 2005 – January 2007

    Position: Site Eng.
    Construction Cost: 72 Million US$
    Built-up area: 85,939 m2
    Construction Completion Date: 2007

    Status Handing over

    – The project consists of a residential development of two towers; one of them G+30 and the other is G+25 story high, including grand duplexes suites and villas connected through steel bridge that exist all on one podium. An amenity block, coffee shop, gymnasium and pool deck.


    Al-Mustansiriya, Baghdad, Iraq

    Bachelor of Science, Civil Engineering, 1994-1999

  3. Walaeldeen mudathir says:

    • Company/Org Name : Expertise house Consultant Engineering Company.
    • Designation : Senior Architecture.
    • City/Country : Saudi Arabia.
    • From – to : 10/9/2013 – 10/9/2016.
    • Responsibilities : Design Building (Commercial building – parks – industrial
    area – office buildings …… etc. ) and Prepared the specifications quantities and all the
    drawings for the projects ( Details – Presentation – 3D …..etc. ) and supervision for the
    • Company/Org Name : Perfection Engineering Company.
    • Designation : Member in design team
    • City/Country : Sudan/Khartoum.
    • From – to : 1/2/2009 – 1/12/2012
    • Responsibilities : Design Building ( Villa – Commercial building – Hospitals –
    Hotels -…… etc. ) and Prepared all the drawings for the projects ( Details – Presentation
    – 3D …..etc. ) and supervision for the projects for the project .
    • Company/Org Name : Rest Point Consultant company.
    • Designation : Design Architect .
    • City/Country : Sudan/Khartoum.
    • From – to : 1/12/2012 – 9/9/2013 .
    • Responsibilities : Design Building ( Villa – Commercial building –Hotels -……
    etc. ) and Prepared all the drawings for the projects ( Details – Presentation – 3D …..etc. )
    and supervision for the projects for the project .
    • Company/Org Name : Ministry of physical planning and public utilities.
    • Designation : Training in urban planning .
    • City/Country : Sudan/Khartoum.
    • From – to : 5/1/2008 – 20/1/2009 .
    • Responsibilities : urban planning and design for some new areas and
    Prepared all the drawings for the projects ( Details – Presentation – 3D …..etc. )
    Company/Org Name : Sudan University of science &technology.
    • Designation : Assistant Teacher.
    • City/Country : Sudan/Khartoum.
    • From – to : 4/11/2007 – 25/10/2008 .(Part time)
    • Responsibilities : Teach architecture design and building technology(for 2nd
    class &3rd class).
    • Company/Org Name : Authority Scientific exhibition for creativity & invention
    • Designation : Participate (Designer) .
    • City/Country : Sudan/Khartoum.
    • From – to : 10/11/2007 – 12/11/2007 .
    • Responsibilities : Participating in this exhibition by chosen for good design
    ( my graduate project).
    • Company/Org Name : Republic of Turkey – Ministry of Health
    • Designation : Participate (Designer) .
    • City/Country : Turkey/Ankra.
    • From – to : 5/11/2011 – 16/11/2011 .
    • Responsibilities : Completed the short term vocational training on (design
    and planning of general and dental hospitals between 5-16
    September 2011 at the department of construction and
    maintenance in republic of turkey –ministry of health).

  4. Target Position:

    • Technical Manager, Engineering Manager, Design Manager, Construction Manager, Design Coordinators. Architect

    Key qualification:

    • More than Twenty years of professional experience (more than 9 years in UAE with Main Contracting Companies) in the field of designing and prepare shop drawings for (commercial complexes, residential complexes, and banks, hospitals, and luxuries villa projects). More, Landscape experience and the interior designing & shop drawing works.

    Career Summary


    Emirates link Maltauro L.L.C – 2010- Present

    Job Description:-

    1. Technical Manager – (February, 2015 – Present) – Bloom Gardens – Abu Dhabi – Health Club, Retails , 202 Villas Phase – 2 & 3 , Total Cost (444.157 000 AED)

    2. Technical Manager – (May, 2013 – February, 2015) – Emirates Identity Authority Head Quarter and Data center Building Project in Abu-Dhabi Total cost (142.2800 000 AED).

    3. Design Manager – (May, 2012 – April, 2013) – Abu Dhabi International Airport (Design & Built Project – Catering Building Renovation & Extension) – Total Cost (88.000 000 AED) .

    4. Technical Manager – Sr. Architect – (March, 2010 – May, 2012) – Bloom Gardens – Abu Dhabi – Phase -1A Villas Project (All Architectural & Landscaping shop drawings) Total Cost (232.704 000 AED).

    My responsibilities:-

    • Prepare Design at first Stage (for design & built project).
    • Prepare Shop Drawings Second Stage.
    • Coordinate & Review All Sub-Contractors Shop Drawings.
    • Make Coordination at Site with All Sub-Contractors Activates.
    • Attend All Progress Meetings & Coordination Meetings.
    • Materials Submittals.
    • Prepare Packages for All Sub-Contractors.

    Arabtec L.L.C – 2007 to 2010

    5. Project coordinator – Sr. Architect (December, 2009 – March, 2010) in Jumira Golf State – luxuries Villas Total cost (452.570 000).

    6. Project coordinator- Sr. Architect (January, 2009 – December, 2009) in Burj Dubai (Burj Khalifa) Total Cost (3.750 640 000 AED).

    7. Sr. Architect on (E.M.O) Engineering Management Office at Arabtec Living Projects (August, 2007 – January, 2009) – Villa projects (Total Costs More than 1.250 000 000).
    8. Sr. Technical Engineer work as a technical coordinator on truck tunnel project (Feb, 2007- August, 2007) Total Cost (328.000 000).

    My Responsibilities:-

    • Prepare Shop Drawings.
    • Coordinate & Review All Sub-Contractors Shop Drawings.
    • Make Coordination at Site with All Sub-Contractors Activates.
    • Attend All Progress& Coordination Meetings.


    1988 – 2007

    Job Description :-

    9. Head of the engineering department in Bank of Baghdad (September 1990 – January 2007), my duties were running all the bank projects in all design & buildings stages and all maintenance works. Furthermore estimating the value of the estates that are presented for the sake of giving loans.
    10. Established my own private office Al-Mussamem engineering bureau (August 1989 – January 2007) and the following projects were achieved:
    • Preparing designs for old Basra development (1989).
    • Building in Jamila city/ Ministry of trade (June 1994 – July 1996)- Design & Built.
    • Dar Al Salam Bank, Baghdad Al-Jadida branch (May 1999 – July 2000).
    • Many branches for Bank Baghdad (Al Basrah, Al Solimania, Baquba, ,Al-Baea, 14th Ramadan branch ) from (September 1989 – March 2001).
    • Design & built many privates Villas and multi Stores Buildings (September 1989 – March 2006).
    • Design & implementation many of Intrrior decoration works for buildings, Retails & Villas (March 1990 – March 2006).

    1985 – 1987

    Working for three years as resident Architect on a large hospital (400 beds) project near Baghdad in liaison with:
    • I+B Architects, Switzerland ………………………….. (Consultants)
    • FDSP, Yugoslavia……………….…………….………. (Contractors)

    Worked with many Architectural Bureaus:

    • Part time work:-From October 1988 – August 1990 Worked with Almimar engineering bureau as a designer and supervision team.

    • Part time work: – From October 1987 – October 1988 Working with Pektil for the project – constructing cylindrical tanks and a tower for refining oil in Al-Taji gas factory, joining the design team for constructing water supply net in Al – Taji city near Baghdad.

    • Part time work: – From May 1985 – September 1987 Working with (Al-Turath consultant bureau) as a designer for many villas and multi use buildings and within the design team for developing Alalwiya club project in Baghdad.


    July to December 1999
    • Consultant engineer among the team that was preparing a study about the, the company which did the study on A.T.C, which was the agent of the European Union in the Middle East area.
    Formal Qualifications

    • 1979-1984 Architecture, University of Technology, Baghdad University (Iraq)
    B.S.c. in Architecture,

    Certificates of Success :

    • Computer Literacy: MS Office 2007, AutoCAD 2010 & Excel.

    Personal Details -Name : Qussay H. Riadh
    -Date of Birth : 17-9-1961
    -Nationality : Iraqi
    -Sex : Male
    -Martial Status : Married – one child

    Languages : Fluency in Arabic and English
    Interests : Reading, sports
    Skills : Skilled in Internet.
    Driving License : U.A.E + Iraqi
    Membership in : Society of Engineers- UAE & IRAQ

  5. Personal Details -Name : Qussay H. Riadh
    Mobile – 055 104 6681

  6. Mohamed Abdalla says:

    Phone: +971529486464
    Residence country: UAE – Dubai

    Mohamed Abdalla

    About me
    Name: Mohamed Abou Bakr Mohamed Ahmed Yousef Abdalla
    D.O.B: January 1st, 1989
    Nationality: Egyptian
    Marital status: Married
    Military status: Exempted
    Driving license: Available

    Work Experience:

    Working for Engineering construction & reconstruction co – CRC Dorra
    Location: Dubai – UAE
    “October 2016 – Present”
    Position: Quantity surveyor.
    Job role:
    – Prepare BOQ’s as per IFC Drawings.
    – Prepare the tender Bills of Quantity.
    – Takeoff Quantities for Variations and Invoices.
    – Valuing Complete Work and Arranging Payments as per Contract.
    – Coordination with Client Regarding Material.
    – Coordinate with Consultant for Revised Drawings.
    – Arranging Payment certificates for Subcontractor.

    Working for Al-Yamamah Private University
    Location: Riyadh – KSA
    “October 2015 – July 2016”
    Position: Teaching assistant lecturer.

    Working for Misr Italia Group
    Location: Cairo – Egypt
    “April 2015 – October 2015”
    Position: Design architect.
    Job role:
    – Responsible for the process of architectural design,sketching and rendering.
    Major projects:
    – Mousa Coast “Phase three” :
    Urban planning, exterior design and rendering for types (G – F – H).
    – La Nouva Vista – New cairo :
    Architectural design of plans and exteriors.
    – Hilton Ain Sokhna resort :
    Redesigning the hotel exterior.

    Working for Azmeel Group
    Location: Cairo – Egypt
    “December 2014 – April 2015”
    Position: Quantity surveyor.
    Job role:
    – Responsible for quantity surveying of architectural projects and preparing
    BOQ files.

    Working for AlRowad Group for Construction and Development
    Location: Cairo – Egypt
    “June 2014 – December 2014”
    Position: Design architect.
    Job role:
    – Responsible for quantity surveying of architectural projects and preparing
    BOQ files.

    Working for The Egyptian Contracting Company (NCCD)
    Location: Cairo – Egypt
    “July 2012 – June 2014”
    Position: Technical office architect.
    Job role:
    – Finishing architect in Gardenia project for the armed forces.
    – Project manager for landscape construction in city of the future
    in Zahraa Nasr city

    – Arabic : Native
    – English: Fluent

    Computer skills:
    – AutoCAD : Excellent
    – 3D Studio Max :Excellent
    – Adobe Photoshop : Excellent
    – Revit Architecture : Intermediate
    – Microsoft Office : Excellent

    Personal qualities and
    – Fast learner.
    – Highly organized.
    – Team player.
    – Good command of time and
    stress management.
    – Excellent communication and
    presentation skills.

  7. Dear,sir

    Refer to above subject please find the attachment, I’m an Architect Resident in Dubai , interested in modernism, contemporary Architecture and sustainability,

    Team worker and have a good eye on details. High level of interpersonal and communication skills.
    Able to meet deadlines and accept extra mile job.
    Full knowledge of Revit , 3d max , auto cad and photoshop.

    Now i employed in a Good Consultant Company in UAE,Dubai which works with Dubai munsibality , Dubai land , Emaar and Enoc also has cilents in Kuwait , Bahrain and Qatar.

    My Responsibility starts with the concept Design till the handover from contractor , coordinate the project’s progress in (architecture , structure , mep and green consultant ) and coordinate with the authorities ( DM , DCD ,Jafza , tecom , trakhees and nakheel )

    But now i look-forward to work in bigger Company with Bigger Projects and clients , that’s already arranged with my mangers, just to inform you if your firm looking for Architect with 3 years UAE experience, i will be more pleasure to push me to get Interview.


    Hossam Saeed Negm

    For Contact :+971 544 372 353
    Land line :+971 67 48 9049 (( after 5:00 PM ))
    Mail :

    PO. BOX : 20550

  8. ehabkamaleh says:

    My Name Is Ehab Majed Kamaleh I Have A Bachelor Degree In Interior Design From Ajman University Of Science & Technology And Studying Masters MSc Sustainable Design of Built Environment At British university of Dubai, UAE, I have seven years of experience in design industry and fit out My Primary Objective As A Design Manager Is To Facilitate The Completion Of Highly Efficient Interior Designs That Will Reflect And Support The Company’s Goals. One of My Aims Is Satisfying, and If Possible, Exceeding Client Expectations. I Can Do This By Delegating Tasks Accordingly Among Competent Team Members; Providing Necessary Guidance, Motivation, And Necessary Corrections; As Well As Collaborating With The Other Working Teams. My seven Years of Experience Gave Me a Solid Background in coming up with High Quality of interior Designs

    Educational Background

    2013- present: British university of Dubai, UAE
    Major: MSc Sustainable Design of Built Environment

    Ajman University of Science and Technology, UAE
    Major: BSc. Interior Design
    Career History
    2012-Current: Creative Director At Balance Interiors
    Accountable for managing the delivery of critical projects, and for
    Providing managerial support for all the projects conducted by the
    Key Responsibilities:

    Attending & following client progress meetings on and off site.
    Cost control, invoicing, tendering, contracts & BOQ.
    Worked closely with other departmental managers to promote
    Overall company effectiveness.
    Supervise on site progress & workshop production
    Responsible for job allocation and job flow in the workshop
    Including job scheduling and labor allocation for day to day
    Ensure supplies are ordered for each job.
    Assist with quoting, project management, materials purchasing
    And quality checks.
    Identify staff that require on-going training and implement training
    Opportunities to ensure their skills are improved. Work with
    Apprentices and semi-skilled staff to role model appropriate
    Technical skills.

    2012-2014: Part Time Teaching Assistant At University Of Sharjah.
    Teaching assistant for all batches of graduation students, supporting
    Professor in the tuition of graduation project module in theoretical
    Lectures & practical sessions using all design programs.
    AREAS OF EXPERTISE Staff management Project planning Project
    Reporting Resource management Risk management Product
    Development Contract administration Process improvement Supervising
    Managing project quality

    2011-2012: Designer At The Abode Interior Design
    Responsible for delivering all design requirements to client, setting budget
    For design project, in addition to setting a schedule for construction
    Phase. Supervising all design sites during construction.
    Responsible for supervision of all turnkey solutions production & joinery fit
    Out for different projects in addition to execution of exhibition stands and
    Areas Of Expertise:
     Staff management
     Project planning
     Project reporting
     Resource management
     Risk management
     Product development
     Process improvement
     Supervising Managing
     project quality
     Joinery fit-out
     Turnkey solutions

    Key Skills:
     Good forward planners
     In-depth knowledge of all aspects of a construction project.
     Knowledge of software including AutoCAD and 3D MAX with V-ray.
     Good communication and skills.
     Excellent motivational and leadership skills
     Work well under pressure
     Ability to present ideas effectively
     Able to evaluate ideas of others
     Creating effective, informed and highly motivated teams
     Comprehensive understanding of project management
     Methodologies. Knowledge in developing and administering resource
     Plans and budgets

     Arabic: Native
     English: Fluent

    Activities & academic awards

    ZEMCH2015- Lecce, Italy
    Zero Energy Mass Custom Home conference- attendance & speaker

    Contact Me




  9. merzouki ilyas says:

    ​Dear sir:

    I am writing to express my interest in the Architect position with your company. I am also very excited about the possibility of working for a reputable and growing company like yours where I will have the opportunity to work on architectural design and planning in a professional setting.

    With my degree in Architecture and my hands-on experience in this field, I am confident that I have those specific qualities that you are looking for in a candidate.

    Over the past five years I have been employed by HI CORNER Consultants where I have worked on a variety of residential, commercial, and retail mixed-use projects in the education, and healthcare sectors. Since working for this company I have managed projects from the initial design stage right through to completion. My enclosed CV clearly shows my knowledge of structural design, material resolution and building economics, as well as my ability to utilise Auto CAD, REVIT , ArchiCAD , Microsoft Office, Adobe and other graphics communication programs.

    I am a dynamic and ambitious architect who possesses the design and development flair needed to plan, coordinate and be involved in all phases of an architectural project. On top of all of this I have superb communication skills and client liaison ability as well as a strong technical understanding of Dubai, United Arab Emirates ( BIM, DM,MEP,DCD….) .

    I appreciate your consideration of my application and look forward to further discussing this opportunity with you in person. Please feel free to contact me anytime to arrange an interview.

    Yours sincerely,

    Merzouki Ilays
    Jumeirah Lakes Towers, Dubai
    T: 00971507912623

  10. Masoomi Bhardwaj says:

    I am interested in this position and I have the required experience. Kindly contact on my email ID to send the CV for further interviews.

  11. Mina Anwar Eskander Mikhaeel
    (+2) 0127 142 8000 (Egypt)
    (+1) 780 237 2142 (Canada)

    • Sr. Architect (Technical Office Architect Engineer) 10 years of experience in Architectural field work as part of project development teams for integration architectural work. I worked for multi projects in many countries (Egypt, United Arab Emirates, Libya, Canada, and Kingdom Saudi Arabia).

    • 8+ years of experience as a Technical Office Architect Engineer.
    • 3+ years of experience in designing and renovation Canadian houses worked as a part time).
    • 2+ years of experience as Site Engineer (Finishes, Concrete, Roads, Infra structure, Etc)
    • Professional designer in (Residential, Commercial, Schools, Administration, Hospitals, Hotels, Religious and Academic Buildings)
    • Interior and Exterior Designer.
    • Project coordinator and drawing review for (Architectural, Structural, Mechanical and Electrical).
    • Professional designer in landscape.
    • Issuing shop drawings and sections details
    • Professional of an architectural technology or interior design program is necessary. Additionally, proficiency (AutoCAD 2d, 3d – 3D MAX – Revit Architectural – Revit Structural – Revit MEP – Punch – Adobe Photo Shop).
    • Issuing project invoice and for subcontractors activities.
    • Preparing quantity surveying.
    • Worked in Industrial Cement Project as coordinator and materials control.
    • Worked in Infra structure and roads as a site engineer.
    • Releasing Surveying coordinates and following surveyors.

  12. Nisreen Alshaikh says:

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I am writing to express my interest and excitement about the possibility of working for a reputable and growing company like yours where I will have the opportunity to work on architectural design and project delivery in a professional setting.

    With my degree in Architecture and my hands-on experience in this field, I am confident that I have those specific qualities that you are looking for in a candidate.

    Over the past six years I have been working in different design fields (Architecture, Interior and Landscape) on a variety of residential, commercial, hospitality and retail mixed-use projects. Through my experience I have managed projects from the initial design stage right through to completion. At my current job I am an architect at Arabtech Jardaneh – Engineers and Architects. My CV clearly shows my knowledge of Design basis, material selection, preparation of full construction document and project coordination and management, as well as my ability to utilize Auto CAD, sketchup, ArchiCAD, Microsoft Office, Adobe and other graphics communication programs.

    I am a dynamic and ambitious architect who possesses the design and development flair needed to plan, coordinate and be involved in all phases of an architectural project. On top of all of this I have superb communication skills and client liaison ability as well as a strong technical understanding of building construction phases and process.

    I appreciate your consideration of my application and look forward to further discussing this opportunity with you in person. Please feel free to contact me anytime to arrange an interview. My contacts ( email: / mobile: +962795225743)

    Yours sincerely,
    Nisreen Alshaikh

    I tried sending my resume along with my personal portfolio to the mentioned email but its not working.

  13. Dhruthi Kodam says:

    Dear Hiring Manager,

    I would like to apply for the position Design Coordinator in your company.

    As you can see from my CV, I am graduate in civil engineering and have done post graduate in structural engineering with work experience of two years. I was research fellow at IIT Delhi, India and I have secured top grade for the post graduate thesis project at NIT Rourkela.

    Worked as Site Technical Coordinator for Citymax hotel project in Dubai, where I was working under GM to maintain proper communication details with all the sub-contractors, suppliers and MEP team. Coordinating with project manager as well as with general foreman on the site to discuss daily activities which includes maintenance of daily activity records, logs, preparing weekly report, monthly report, following up, checking & reviewing sub-contractor submittals, shop drawings, material submittals as per contract documents. Inspecting site and raising material requests etc. During early stage of my career I worked as AutoCAD designer for residential buildings in India.

    Have good knowledge on software’s AutoCAD 2D & 3D, STAAD.Pro, ABAQUS, ArcGIS. Possess great communication and presentation skills.

    I am ready to join immediately. Should you have any questions or require clarification on any information please contact me. I thank you for your time, looking forward to hear from you.

    Thank you,
    Dhruthi Kodam

  14. Mohammad Abubakr says:

    Name : Mohammad Baha AbuBakr
    Nationality : Jordanian
    Age : 28 years
    Profession : Architect Engineer / BSc. Degree in Architecture Engineering
    Present Job : OBE Architects Consultant, Dubai – UAE  2016
    Experience : 5 years, GCC , Dubai – UAE.
    -Arabtec Construction L.L.C 2012-2015
    *Palm Juimerah Luxury villas
    *Dubai International Airport
    *Juimerah Village Circle
    -Golden Luxury I.Design L.L.C 2015-2016
    -Emirates NBD ( part time )
    Living : Dubai – UAE.
    Visa Status : Employment Visa
    Skills : FreeHand Sketches, PC Software programme ( Revit2016, AutoCAD, Photoshop, Ms Office )
    Status :  Recently Seeking My Next Career Opportunity,

    +971 562446795 


  15. I’m a senior Interior designer with 9 years of experience in uae. Looking for a job

  16. Sara IssA says:

    Hello Sir/Madam,

    I am writing to express my interest about the possibility of working for a reputable and growing company like yours where I will have the opportunity to work on architectural design and project delivery in a professional setting.

    With my degree in Architecture and my hands-on experience in this field, I am confident that I have those specific qualities that you are looking for in a candidate.

    I have been working in different design fields (Architecture, Interior and Landscape) on a variety of residential, commercial, hospitality and retail mixed-use projects.

    I’m a passionate architect who possesses the design and development flair needed to plan, coordinate and be involved in all phases of an architectural project. I’m living in UAE
    ( Husband visa) .

    Skills :
    furniture selection and furniture design
    Interior design

    Other skills:
    communication skills
    management skills
    team work

    Please feel free to contact me anytime :
    email :
    TEL: +971544396190

    Sara Issa

  17. Nermin says:

    – February 2015 – up to now
    Present Employer: GDS- Gulf Dynamic Services (Member of MASHARIE –A Dubai Investment PJSC Company).
    Position: Project Manager Interior Architectural Designer
    Duties: Handling projects from design to execution as an interior architectural designer for the following projects:
     Warsan Tower Office Space Planning- TECOM, Dubai.
     BURJ DAMAN DIFC AREA- 22 Studios space planning, Furniture Design & execution, Dubai.
     BURJ DAMAN DIFC AREA- Partition works at 1st & 2nd Floor, Dubai.
     ARGIVILLE Perfume Factory, Full Space Planning, Design Perfume testing Cubicles & execution, Safe Zone, Sharjah.
     FEDEX, TERMINAL 2 –Office renovation, Dubai.
     FEDEX, Garhoud Branch – Office renovation, Dubai.
     Mr.Nabit Sultan Villa –Al Awir Area –All Joinery works, Dubai.
     Mr.Faisal Amiri Villa – All Joinery works, Sharjah.
     ASHMORE office Capital Club Tower–DIFC AREA –All Joinery works, Dubai.
     KCH Space office Design-Business Bay, Dubai.
     Warsan Tower -Tecom –Space Design Mini Market, Dubai.
     Vesta Tower –Tecom – Café Space Design & 2 Shops, Dubai.
     Kathi villa – Design & Execution -Arabian Ranches, Dubai.
    – 2 –
     AJARI office Ground Floor Dubai Properties, at Dubai Investment Head Quarter, Design, space planning, All Joinery Works to execution, Dubai.
     Dubai Investments, DIRC, DP Building Renovation, Dubai.
     GYM Space Design, Central Park Building. Dubai.
     PTC GYM PLAN Space Design. (New Branch).Dubai.
     Mohamed Rakbani Villa, renovation, Motor City, Dubai.
     Dresses Atelier, space planning & Joinery works, Barsha, Dubai.
     Mr.Muaz Villa Proposed Drawings, Meadows,Dubai.
     E-Construct consultant office –Renovation, Media City, Dubai.
    – September 2014 /2015–
    Present Employer: Design LAP Consultant (Dubai office) – Ben Dalmouk Consultant (Sharjah office)
    Position: Interior Architectural Designer
    Duties: Handling projects design as an interior architectural designer for the following projects:
     Al Furjan Residential Towers- Dubai.
     Etisalat stores branches around the UAE (Al Nahda /Al-Shahama Abu-Dahbi/ Al-Noof / Al- Majaz Sharjah/Safeer center Sharjah/Sahara center Sharjah/Al-Hamra RAK/Al Manar kiosk RAK…so far )
     Deira Hotel booklet.(Dubai)
     Musanda Tender Abu-Dhabi.
     Kyo Resturant /Areo Restaurant Palm Jumeirah(Dubai).
     Sharjah Airport café.
     Talal Villa Sharjah
     Tarish Villa Sharjah
     Carlton Resitenial Building Al-Khan / Sharjah
     Ahmed Ali Ahmed AbuGhazyin Villa (Ground +Mezzi +2+pent house) Dibba el Hisn.
     Ajman offices
     Hydra Properties 3 Towers Abu-Dhabi EL-Reem Island (Stage 2).
     Fujairah women’s Technical College.
    – 2010/2013 –
    Employer: Freelancer
    Position: Interior Architectural Designer
    Duties: Handling projects Designs as an interior architectural designer for Individual apartments and villas.
    – 3 –
    – September 2007/2009 –
    EMPLOYER: Emirates Design Consortium (consultant office in Dubai).
    Position: Interior Architectural Designer
    Duties: Handling projects design as an interior architectural designer for the following projects:
     Sultan office- Dubai.
     Khalf private villa Abu-Dubai.
     Emirates design consortium sharjah office.
     Private Flat- Cairo.
     Sultan private villa El-Ain.
     Dahri apartment-sharjah).
     Mohammed Salem private villa.
     Omar Hamly private villa.
     Omran matar private villa.
     Moza ben kamel building.
     Ba matraf private villa.
    Work included:
     Design interior themes.
     Working on AutoCAD program.
     Contact companies & sub-contractors to supply us with brochures & samples for our projects.
     Planning interior spaces.
     Sketch plans & perspectives.
     Design full interior themes including: Ground pattern, False ceiling design, Furnishing plans.
     Prepare sample boards.
     Select materials & colors for all interior work.
     Meet clients.
     Have a good knowledge of architectural work.
     Interior Designer Trainee
    – July 2002 –
    Post : Interior Architectural Designer, Broadway Interiors.
    Duties: I was a trainee for 2 month on the following projects:
     Atlas Communications.
     Emirates Transport.
    Responsible for the following tasks:
     Design of interior themes.
     Preparation of perspectives sketches.
     Design of furniture units (display stand).
     Design of wall patterns.
     Selection of materials & color scheme for furniture.
    – 4 –
    – July 2003 –
    Post : Interior Architectural Designer, Tangram Architects and Designers.
    Duties: Worked as junior interior designer for 2 month (trainee) on the following projects:
     Schlumberger office in Dubai
     A Government Building
    Responsible for the following tasks:
     Design interior themes.
     Working on AutoCAD program.
     Contact companies to supply us with brochures & samples for our projects.
     Re-plan the interior space.
     Quantity survey for interior furniture & taking sites measurements.
     Modifications and additional tasks that could affect progress.
     Sketch plans & perspectives.
     Design ground pattern.
    – July 2004 –
    Post : Interior Architectural Designer, UDC (United Decoration CO. [L.L.C])
    Duties: I was a trainee for 2 month in UDC Timber Factory for a variety of Projects including:
     Optics shop in Saudi Arabia
     House of Chi in Dubai ( Spa & Health club)
    Work included:
     Design interior themes.
     Sketch plans & perspectives.
     Visiting sites.
     Working on AutoCAD program.
     Computer Experience
    Working on AutoCAD, Photoshop at previous mentioned
    Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Interior Architectural Design (Decoration)
    Alexandria University – College of Fine Arts
    Specialization: Interior Space Design.
    Graduation: June 2005.
    *College Projects included the following:
    – 5 –
    *Coffee shops.
    * Gallery.
    * Museum.
    * Auditorium.
    *Different kinds of shops (jewelry, ex.)
    *Apartments & Villas.
     Additional Courses and Education in the following topics: –
     ADVANCED COMPUTER AIDED GRAPHICS AND ANIMATION “3DMax Diploma”(American University In Cairo). DURING THE PERIOD : September 2005-January 2006
     AutoCAD [2D / 3D] Diploma (American University in Cairo).
    DURING THE PERIOD : September 2005-January 2006
     Professional Diploma in Graphics(Advertising concepts, Photoshop CS,Freehand MX ,QuarkXPress 6.0 & Group of skills [Art Work & Design, Color Theory,YPDG Finial Projects,CV & Interview Skills] ) Issue date:19-06-2006
     Master 3Ds Max R7 (Discreet certified) Issue date: 24-05-2006
     Adobe Premiere.
     Revit 2014.
    Computer Skills:
    Skilled Internet user.
    Excellent knowledge of MS Office suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint).
    AutoCAD (versions 2004, 2005, 2006, 2014).
    Photoshop CS (version 8)
    Adobe Premiere.
    Adobe InDesign cs6.
     Language Skills
    Arabic: Fluently Spoken, written, and understanding (Mother Tongue).
    English: Fluently Spoken, written, and understanding (2nd language).
    – 6 –
     Other Skills
    Teamwork skills.
    Excellent interpersonal & communication skills.
    Good translation ability utilizing English-Arabic.
    Print to video.
    Advertising concepts skills.
    Date of Birth: 18/12/1982.
    Nationality: Egyptian.
    Marital Status: Single.
    Visa: On recent job (capable to transfer).
    Gender: Female.
    With UAE D/L.
    Tel.: 056 4995245(Mobile)

     References
    P.O.BOX 1298,SHARJAH-U.A.E
    GRL:06 534 4424
    Category: Fit Out Contractor.

    Emirates Design Consortium
    Office # 305, 3rd Floor, Khalifa & Naboodah Building, Sheikh Rashid Road
    Al Garhoud, Dubai, Next to Al Garhoud Centre
    PO Box: 14161 Dubai
    GRL: 453341
    Category: Architectural Consultants

  18. Amrou Askar says:

    Umm Alsheif ,street 8B, villa 43
    Dubai – UAE
    Email :
    Mobile : +971559761908
    27 Years

    Profile Summary

    • A competent professional with over 4 years of experience as Project Architect / Design Architect.
    • Ability to handle fast track projects.
    • Emphasis on team building and team work.
    • Knowledge of MEP activities in building construction.
    • Maintaining a healthy working relationship with all subcontractors.
    • Involved in projects from the Mobilization, Planning, Scheduling, Monitoring, Controlling, Completion, Handing over and closure stages.

    Core Competencies

    • Concept drawing project for tender (plan, elevation, 3d model, area statement)
    • Reading structural and architectural drawings issued by the Consultant.
    • Study project specification and scope work.
    • Conducting internal communication meeting.
    • Managing the site design team.
    • Attending the project progress review meeting.
    • Attending the technical meeting with consultant.
    • Attending the technical meeting with client.
    • Interacting with consultants for material, shop drawing and document approvals.
    • Preparing drawing submittal/ review shop drawing prepared by draughtsman /approval status reports.
    • Handling of all type of submittal/approval.
    • Coordinating with sub contractors on technical related matters and site coordination.
    • Checking & issuing comments on subcontractor’s shop drawings.
    • Preparation of False ceiling and dry wall partition drawings and detailing.
    • Providing details for site execution team and subcontractors.
    • Preparing quantity for flooring and cladding.
    • Preparing as built drawings on completion of work floor by floor.
    • Work with clients and organizing teams to prepare project deliverables.
    • Snagging & De-snagging and monthly progress reports and Close out reports.
    • Coordinating with all authorities


    Since September 2015–Senior Project Architect with M/s. Associated Construction & Investments LLC (Ascon) and ‘A’ Grade Contracting Company, part of ETA-ASCON Group of Companies, one of the largest in Dubai, U.A.E.

    • Residents of Villa Lantana the project is 440 ,17 different villa designs and 11 floor plans, sports facilities including sports centres with gyms and pools, sports courts and outdoor jogging tracks.

    Since March 2015 to September 2015 – Site Architect with M/s. Associated Construction & Investments LLC (Ascon) and ‘A’ Grade Contracting Company, part of ETA-ASCON Group of Companies, one of the largest in Dubai, U.A.E.

    • Lapita Hotel – Dubai Parks and Resorts

    Since June 2014 to March 2015 – Architect with M/s. Associated Construction & Investments LLC (Ascon) and ‘A’ Grade Contracting Company, part of ETA-ASCON Group of Companies, one of the largest in Dubai, U.A.E. ,
    In head office prepare shop drawing and concept drawing for tender project in UAE and KSA (Plan, elevation, section, 3d model, area statement)

    • AL Bilad hotel in Makah ,Saudi Arabia (Done by ASCON)
    • Hotel in Makah, Saudi Arabia.
    • Al Riyadh metro station, Saudi Arabia.
    • Two International school in Dubai, UAE.
    • Three labour camp in Dubai, UAE.
    • Pedestrian bridge in Ras al-Khaimah,UAE.
    • Pedestrian bridge in Dubai, UAE.

    • Depa Ltd Dubai (Architect in Training)
    May 2012 – September 2012 (5 months) DUBAI
    Baku Flame Towers Project (Baku, Azerbaijan)

    Educational Qualification

    2013 – 2014
    Bachelor of Architecture – Near East University (NEU). Nicosia – Cyprus. I finished my Degree from NEU following War Situation in Syria.

    2009 – 2013
    Faculty of Architecture – University of Kalamoon. Deir Atiyah. Syria. Due to war Situation in Syria, I finished my degree from NEU (Cyprus).

    2006 – 2007 BACHELOR OF SCIENCE – School of Gifted Students, Homs-Syria.

    • Fluent in English and Arabic.

    IT Skills
    • AUTO CAD, Micro Station 2D & 3D, AECOsim, REVIT, 3D MAX.

    Personal Details
    Date of Birth: 09.05.1989
    Address: Dubai – UAE
    Nationality: Syrian
    Passport Details: Issued in Dubai, Valid till 2018
    Visa Details: Employment Visa in UAE
    Driving License: UAE Driving License

  19. someone says:

    Stupid site

  20. mahmoud khalil says:

    Works as Sir Design architecture & landscape Engineering technical office preparing Design drawing and coordination drawing with other disciplines , develop and checkup the drawing’s “Design review” , preparing shop drawing with subcontractor’s and site architect inspector used to handing over the mockup’s to the site consultant , preparing technical queries and necessary documents could be required if variation needed

  21. Bashar Daher says:

    I am a dynamic and ambitious Architect live in Jeddah, with 11 years experience in various projects and constructions on luxury houses, home units, industrial and commercial buildings, urban design, heritage and conservation, and defense-listed sites. In addition to my Native Profession the Architectural Urban, Exterior & Interior Design(commercial, residential, restaurants, hotels ,Hospital…..) Graduated from the Lebanese University Faculty Of Fine Arts with a Master’s degree in Architecture,

    Currently , I am handling three FIT-OUT Projects, (Total cost amount is around 20 millions Saudi Riyal)
    While handling two of the projects remotely, I’m working full time on the RITZ CARLTON HOTEL Project in Jeddah where I’m handling the Property Improvement Plan(PIP) Works related to Food and Beverage(F&B) department,

    I possess impeccable technical and computer skills with advanced knowledge of Auto CAD, REVIT, Microsoft Office, Adobe , and other graphics communication programs (Sketchup 3D).
    An excellent working knowledge of contracts administration.

    My attention to detail, excellent problem-solving skills and Cost Control ensure that every project I work on is done accurately and to the highest possible standard. I am comfortable working as part of a team but also have the ability to take an authoritative role when the situation arises.

    I look forward to the opportunity of discussing my application with you further and how I can significantly contribute to the ongoing success of your company.

    Yours sincerely

    Bashar Daher

  22. Curriculum Vitae
    Mobile: 00971561272425 / 00971502672646
    Personal information:
    Name : Einas Mubarak Muhammed
    Date of Birth : 22nd August 1988
    Nationality : Sudanese
    Marital Status : Single

    2006 – Aug 2011 Faculty of Engineering & Architecture, University of Khartoum, Sudan. Qualification: Bachelor of Science (honors) Architecture.
    • Graduation project: Green office building

    Work Experience:
    Duration Organization Location

    March 2014 to Sept 2016 Head Quarter Company UAE
    April 2012 to Feb 2011 ACE Engineering Company Sudan
    Dec. 2010 – April 2012 Architect, Sirag Engineering Company Sudan
    2011 -2012 Assistant Lecturer – Khartoum University. Sudan
    2010 (June-August) AHPP (Architectural Heritage Preservation Project) – Architect and interior designer. Sudan

    Job duties:
    • Architectural and interior design and 3D model making.
    • Custom furniture design and model.
    • Preparation and revision of Technical Drawings.
    • Preparation of Bill of Quantities.
    • Preparation of tender documents.
    • Preparation of project schedules.
    • Project co-ordination and follow up site work updates.

    Dec 2011- Dec 2012 University of Khartoum Sudan
    Job duties:
    • Supervising Third Year’s Studio Work:
    • Supervision and Co-ordination of studio projects extending over two semesters.
    • Preparing seminars and presentations in different subjects in Architecture.

    Year Training Program Location
    2009 Students Educational Program Bahrain
    2010 Internal Design – International Islamic University Malaysia

     AutoCAD
     ArchiCAD
     Adobe Photoshop
     Artlantis
     3D Studio max
     Sketch up
     M.S project.
     Microsoft office programs
     Fluent in Arabic and English.

    Well motivated, dedicated and an excellent communicator and organizer with a very positive, flexible approach. Enthusiastic and energetic with patience, diplomacy and a sense of humor. Valuable team member but equally capable of working on own initiative. Quick to assimilate new ideas and changes to existing circumstances. Very versatile, able to adapt to all situations in different locations. Can work well in multi cultural environments.

    Key Skills:
    Achieving the highest possible standards of professionalism. Able to set positive direction with assured confidence. Positive attitude towards superiors, juniors and colleagues.

    I was born in the Sultanate of Oman and did my education up to secondary level there.
    I have a UAE residence permit.
    I have IELTS certificate.
    I have UAE driving license.
    On request.

  23. shady emad says:

    DATE OF BIRTH : 24 APRIL 1983
    Mobile Number : 00966-530355903 (Saudi arabia) 0020-01025259482 (Egypt-cairo)
    • Bachelor of Science – Architectural Engineering
    School: Faculty of Fine Arts, Helwan University – Egypt – May / 2003 Graduation Project: Master Planning and Designing an amusement park, including a hotel, shopping mall, cinema center, food courts & several landscape units
    • Masters of Science – Architectural Engineering (expected June 2003).

    Professional Development:
     Thirteen years practical experience in developing various A/E deliverables including: conceptual proposals, Floor plans, Roof plan, Elevations, Sections, Building Data Sheets, MTO, ER estimate, and man-hour estimates.
     Member of the Egyptian Engineers syndicate at Egypt, 2004.
     Member of Saudi Counsel of Engineers, 2011.
     Have a PMP(project management preparation)certificate .
    Employment History:
    From : March 2013 to Present
    Position : Senior Architectural Engineer
    Company : SLFE SNC-Lavalin Fayez Engineering (GES+ general engineering services), Al-Khobar – K.S.A.
    • Lead Architect for YASREF project in yanbu .
    • Preparing drawings from the scratch as per the international standards (IBC 2009, ICC A1171-2009, ADA , IRC ,IECC…….)
    • Good communication skills with the client to gurante his satisfaction
    • Progressive and providing a strategically option to solve problems during the design technical stages
    • Capable to lead a group of man power to execute the project with complying to the (QA- QC )
    • Coordinating between different discipline structure ,architectural ,HVAC ,electrical …..etc)
    • Preparing the material take-off and make ER estimate to prepare it for the BOQ stages.
    • Meeting and contacting with vendors and third party to execute the arch. design
    • Involve in designing multi projects to multi major clients as aramco.
    • Prepare C&R log response to the client according to the design basis & the standard compliances.
    • Presentation skills using V-ray , 3d max, photoshop .

    • Recently project on progress:
    South Dhahran Home Ownership (SDHO) Development is a Saudi Aramco housing project along with supporting infrastructure and utilities with the total land parcel comprising 10.2km2. The project will supply new schools in addition to support services, utilities and infrastructure for the project will be developed as per scope limitation.

    The scope of South Dhahran Home Ownership (SDHO) increment-I consists of 12 school buildings as follow:

    District I:

    • Two elementary campuses, each campus consist of one Kindergarten, one Girls elementary school & one Boys elementary school (Total six (6) Buildings).
    • One special needs school contains two buildings: one girl’s school & one boy’s school (Total two (2) Buildings).

    District II:

    • One Girls Schools campus includes 1 intermediate schools & 1 secondary school (Total two (2) Buildings).

    • One Boys Schools campus includes 1 intermediate schools & 1 secondary school (Total two (2) Buildings).

    • Responsible for Architectural design to many facility buildings in the Expand Dharan Residential Community project especially with deep involvement in package 3, 4,5,6,7 that consist of those packages:

    Package 3:

    Package 4:

    Under this Package the following facilities/ works will be performed: Community support facilities development including Community Centre, Musalla, Recreation Centre, demolition of the existing Fire Station & construction of new one, Middle & Intermediate Schools, School Campus Exterior Facilities, chillers plants, Pedestrian Fly-over Bridge, Modification of Gate 5, Daycare, Performing Art Center, Basketball Court Cricket and soccer fields, Stand Alone Toilets, Guard House, related electrical, non-electrical, communication utilities and Site development within the boundary limit of Packages 3, as well as building Automation System and all associated utilities of these facilities.

    Residential Housing units, infrastructure & utilities and final development within package 4 boundary limits as detailed in this document.
    Under this Package the following work will be performed:
    a. Final Site Development and Site Grading for the proposed development within the boundary limit of Package 4.
    b. Construction of 240 villas of seven (7) different types.
    c. Associated Utilities from the nearest interface point to all the villas within the boundary limit of Package 4.
    d. Supply and installation of wireless water meters for each residential unit (Villa) in the inlet drinking water line.

    Residential Housing units, infrastructure & utilities and final development within package 4 boundary limits as detailed in this document.
    Under this Package the following work will be performed:
    a. Final Site Development and Site Grading for the proposed development within the boundary limit of Package 4.
    b. Construction of 240 villas of seven (7) different types.
    c. Associated Utilities from the nearest interface point to all the villas within the boundary limit of Package 4.
    d. Supply and installation of wireless water meters for each residential unit (Villa) in the inlet drinking water line.

    Package 6 :

    Construction of 266 single family residential villas of three (3) different types ( Three Bedroom Villa – Front Loaded / Three Bedroom Villa – Rear Loaded /Four Bedroom Villa – Rear Loaded ) Including all related finishing works, Landscaping, additional support facilities (stand alone toilets) and required utilities within the boundary limit of Package 6.

    Package 7:

    Site Development and Site grading for the proposed development within the boundary limit of Package 7 including the installation of all Main and secondary Roads Network’s
    & Site Utilities within the boundary limit of Package 7 (Sanitary Sewer System, Drinking Water System, Raw/Fire Water System, Irrigation System, Storm water

    Drainage System, Electrical System, Fire Alarm and Detection System, Communication System, HVAC System, wireless water meters, street lightings).

    Construction of 13 residential buildings of different types (Family Apartments Buildings- 3 stories, Mixed Bachelor Buildings-3 stories, Mixed Bachelor Buildings (Town House Style)-2 stories, Female Bachelor Building-3 stories) Including all related finishing works, Landscaping, additional support facilities and required utilities within the boundary limit of Package 7.

    Construction of Outdoor Recreation Facilities that includes eight artificial turf soccer fields, two toilet and storage facilities, covered surface parking of 699 spaces as well as Playgrounds within the open space of the residential development, Walking tracks around recreation fields and concession support facilities.

    Package 8:

    Site Development and Site grading for the proposed areas with all Access Roads and required utilities within the boundary limit of Package 8.
    Construction of Gas Station that includes: 8 pumps (under covered canopy), with support services Buildings (Car Service Centre & Support space for employees, Small automatic car wash, Minimum of 10 parking spaces.

    Package 9:

    Site Development and Site grading for the proposed areas for the Concrete Security Wall, 8 Soccer Fields in Parcel 32, permanent spray field LUP # 41560, with all required utilities within the boundary limit of Package 9 (Electrical System, Communication System, ….etc).

    Replacement of existing Security fence along the western border of approximately 4,600 M of existing community fence. Replacement will include a new concrete security wall with the new wall aligned parallel to the existing chain-link fence route, and it will run from the airbase side.

    Construction of eight artificial turf soccer fields within Parcel 32, with fully lit for night time play and an area of 7,000 SM each, surface parking spaces and support facilities.

    From : January 2011 to April 2013
    Position : Senior Architectural Engineer
    Company : KBR/AMCDE American engineering company Kellogg Brown & Root (GES+ general engineering services ), Al-Khobar – K.S.A.

    • Lead Architect for the Jazan Refinery and Marine Terminal Project.
    • Responsible for Master Plan for Refinery Admin block and Terminal.
    • Development of Industrial Support Facilities designs to include plans, section, layout and elevations.
    • Preparation of data and specification sheets, construction scope of work (SOW) and converts sketches into practical schemes.
    • Preparation of conceptual proposals, FEED, DD (detail design), MTO`s and 10% construction estimates (conceptual, budget and expenditure request) ERs.
    • Preparing manhour for project task estimates according to the productivity rate & analyze bidder’s estimates according to design specifications and material calculations.


    o DESIGNING FOR ISF (Industrial Support Facilities) SITE PLAN (Administration Area for the Jazan Plot Plan Site ) from concept to 30%-90% and Final submittal
    o JAZAN REFINERY In-Plant Buildings:
    • Master Plan of the Admin Block
    • Central Control Bldg
    • Chemical Storage Facility
    • Dining
    • Emergency DG building
    • Maintenance Building
    • Maintenance Shelter 9-Typical
    • Mussallah
    • OME Building
    • Operator Shelter 9-Typical
    • PIB Buildings – 11
    • Smoking Shelter 9-Typical
    • T&I Materials Shelter
    • Water Treatment Building

    o JAZAN REFINERY Off-Plant Buildings:
    • Master Plan of the Offplant Block
    • Admin Building
    • Central Lab
    • Computerized Gate Copmplex
    • Dining
    • Emergency DG building
    • Equipment Service Facilities
    • Fire station Facilities
    • Mussallah
    • PDD Facilities
    • Plant Clinic
    • Security Admin. Bldg

    • Security System & Equit bldg for IDAS & SACS
    • Training Facilities
    • Transportation Facilities
    • Warehouse Facilities

    • Control Building

    • Master Plan of the Refinery Terminal
    • Electrical Substations
    • Main Building
    • Observation Shelter
    • South Guardhouse
    • SPM Maintenance Building
    • Sulphur Pelletizer Control Building

    2- Ras Tanura Petrochemical Facility Isocyanates Constructability
    Ras Tanura Integrated Project Aromatics Bldg.
    • Master Plan of the ISF area
    • MCC/PI Building
    • Operator Bldg.
    • Chemical Storage Bldg.
    • Truck Load and Unloading shelter

    Ras Tanura Integrated Project Chem 2 COB.
    • Control and Team Bldg.
    • Maintenance shop Bldg.
    • Emergency Generator Bldg.

    From : July 2010 to April 2011
    Position : As a Project Manager in King Fahd Specialized Hospital in Dammam
    Company : Al-Yousef Est. Construction Company

    Duties and Responsibilities:

     Preparation of Working drawings & shop drawings, according to the International building code (I.B.C).
     Site Project manager for turnkey projects: supervising Civil – Architectural – lighting – HVAC works.
     Supervising the architectural works at the project site.
     Prepare bill of quantities.
     Prepare plans and time schedules for working progress & as a quantity surveyor for the project.
     Prepare Daily, Weekly & monthly reports regarding working progress.

    From : January 2008 to June 2010
    Position : Architectural engineer (Site Based) Construction of King Abdulaziz 500

    Beds hospital project, at Skaka, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
    Company : Al-Yousef Est. Construction Company, Al-Dammam, Saudi Arabia

    Duties and Responsibilities:

     Prepare working drawings & Shop Drawings.
     Supervise the architectural works at the project site.
     Prepare Daily, weekly & monthly reports regarding working progress.
     Monitor and control contractors & developers activities at the site.
     Assist in evaluating and reporting the contractor’s performance.
     Communicate and coordinate with the assigned services providers to ensure smooth and effective on-site operations.
     Site visits and supervising works for another hospital site of the company at Qurayat 500 beds hospital.

    From : 2007 To 2008,
    Position : Architectural Designer Engineer .
    Company : Al-Jubail Consultant Office at AL-Khobar Branch (K.S.A.)

    Duties and Responsibilities:

     Assist in preparing the architectural designs & working drawings of many projects that needed by the office (plans, sections, perspectives … etc.)
     Assist in preparing the client’s presentations
     Participate in site supervision for Architectural finishings.
     Participate in conferences, Seminars and meetings.

    From : From 15th September 2004 to the 15th of December 2006
    Position : Architectural Designer Engineer
    Company : (Dr.Gamal Hozain Consultant Office)

    Duties and Responsibilities:

     Preparing the concept design , schematic design ,design development and architectural shop drawings for many projects
     Preparation of cost estimates for the clients & budgets
     Managing and coordinating the design process between all disciplines (in house design and sub consultants)
     Preparing the client’s presentations and computer generated graphics
     Checking architectural drawings for renovation , extension & suggesting the appropriate solution for the case
     Participate in some architectural competitions with the office

     Participate in conferences , seminars and meetings3
     Site visit and supervising multi projects to co-ordinate between design drawings with the site construction and contractors.

    Courses Studied During Work Training Center:

     Familiar with most programs for the architectural purposes in both designing & presentation
     AutoCAD certificates Revit architectural engineer 2016
     AutoCAD 2D ,3D (all versions)
     BIM revit basics
     3D viz & 3S Max – professional at V-ray rendering
     Adobe Photoshop (7),(8),(CS5) and others adobe collection .
     Dos – Windows 98 , 2000 , XP , Vista & Window 7
     Microsoft office communicator 2007R2
     Internet applications
     Hardware maintenance


  24. I’m an Architect with 11 years of experience in UAE. Participated in wide range of projects including high rise, residential, commercial, mixed use, retail, hospitality, health care, educational & public buildings. Through these years I was involved in almost all Processes related to architecture; including concept design, design development, authorities’ liaison, tendering, technical & site supervision. I’ve worked for multinational firms dealing with VIP clients either first class developers or Royalties, and looking forward to put all my skills & experience in the service of your respectful company in order to be an effective member of your team.

  25. Zein Makhzoum says:

    Dear Sir /

    Please consider this letter as an application for the position of an Interior Designer at your company. My degree in Interior Architect combined with my 9 years + experience makes me a perfect candidate for this position. I am excited at the prospect of putting my creative skills and energy to work with a leading company.


    I am architect with 4 years experience in UAE and abroad.
    I graduated from Damascus university with Bachelor of Architecture.
    My computer skills are Autocad,3Dmax,Photoshop,Sketch up.
    I am able to work both Independently and in a Team, creative and able to come up with beautiful concepts, have Communication skills with great organizational and planning skills, can work within the given resources and work hard for long time.I consider myself to be a friendly, efficient and enthusiastic worker.
    I believe I would be the ideal candidate based on the fact that I want to leave my fingerprint in architecture.

    Yours sincerely,

  27. Yosef Hilles says:

    Dear Sir,

    Please be in formed that I have sent MY CV and Portfolio on the mentioned Email.
    looking forward to hear from you soon.

    Best Regards

    Yosef Hilles

    mobile: 0552445907

  28. walaa mustafa says:

    14 years of experience in the field of Architecture and Interior Design, including 7 years of Gulf area experience, employed in one of the leading multi discipline design firms in the Middle East (Saudi Diyar Consultants – Blu Interiors- Cairo office) specializing in Luxurious Residential Building, Office Buildings and hotels located in KSA, that allowed me to control the project from start to finish to ensure high quality, innovative and functional design. My strength is in developing the conceptual design, solving the technical problems, producing coordinated detailed working drawings, also gave me an intensive knowledge of building materials and construction details

  29. Nael Jarouj says:

    Mobile +971-501259904

    LOUZAN GROUP: July 2015 till present: AL Ain
    (Fit-out Manager)

    – Preparing and presenting feasibility reports and design proposals to the malls; producing detailed workings, drawings and specifications.
    Specifying the nature and quality of materials required, preparing tender applications and presentations / negotiating with contractors.
    – Ensure health and safety measures are strictly followed at site / verifying the technical aspect of quotes received from vendors.
    – Coordination between site, sub-contractors & suppliers / Negotiation of prices with subcontractors & suppliers.
    – Checking of invoices from sub-contractors based on the work done at site.
    – Plan and organize resources in advance for the assigned site by daily preparation of labor schedule / Quality control of work done at site / Enforce rules, regulations and procedures at site.
    – Contact the respective regulatory authorities to inspect and comment on the completed fit-out works for the issuance of occupancy certificate / observe the skills, attitude, attendance etc. of the workforce and rate them monthly to improve their performance at site.


    1. Marina mall – Abu Dhabi – UAE.
    2. AL Ain mall – AL Ain city – UAE.
    3. AL Jimi mall – AL Ain city – UAE.
    4. Fujairah mall – Fujairah – UAE.
    5. Bawabet Al sharq mall – Abu Dhabi – UAE.
    6. Ezdan mall – Doha – Qatar.
    7. Bawadi mall AL Ain city – UAE.
    8. Khalidiya St – Abu Dhabi – UAE.
    9. Khuzam St. – Ras Al Khaimah – UAE.
    10. The Souk at Qaryat Al Beri – Abu Dhabi – UAE.

    1. AL Ariami complex – Muscat – Oman.
    2. Fujairah mall – Fujairah – UAE.
    3. Dubai Festival city mall – Dubai – UAE.
    4. Bawabet Al sharq mall – Abu Dhabi – UAE.
    5. Marina mall -Abu Dhabi – UAE.
    6. Mall of Qatar – Doha – Qatar.
    7. MAKANI Mall – Zakher – AL Ain city – UAE.
    8. Doha festival city – Doha – Qatar.
    1. AL Jimi mall – AL Ain city – UAE.
    2. Bawadi Mall – AL Ain City – UAE.

    OREINTAL PALACE DECORATION LLC: June 2013-July 2015: Dubai
    (Project coordinator)

    – Coordinating projects by assisting manager, and monitoring of business and action plans.
    – Coordination with client/ subcontractors/suppliers.
    – Support site team to resolve material issues (installation, requirements).
    – Responsible for material/Architectural &MEP drawings submittals for the Approvals and Coordination between site & technical team.
    – Responsible for site daily visits including monitoring material arrival to site/material fixing & installation.

    • MR. Mubarak villa – Zaabel1- Dubai.
    • ALMASRROR Jewelry- The Dubai Mall.
    • Supertrim / Gents salon – Ibn Battuta mall.
    • Almadani tailoring shop – Mall of Emirates.
    • Antonio Trading shop – Mall of Emirates.
    • Antonio trading shop – Albarsha Mall.
    • MR. Salim ATEQ majlis Design- Jumeira.
    • SAKSON Drilling & OIL services office –39th floor – JBC 1 – JLT – Dubai.
    • AL-BAYADER international head office -14th floor – JBC 4 – JLT –Dubai.
    • SAKSON Drilling & OIL services DMCC – 2nd FLOOR Offices – BARAQ TOWER. JLT- Dubai.

    • Mr. Qmazi villa: working on villa with new ideas for architectural plans.
    • LORD – Bricks manufacturer: shop drawings for villa floor tiles and bathrooms design and drawings.

    OMRAN OFFICE: Etudes – Conseils March 2012-June2013: Damascus
    CHAP CO.: Architecture – Construction – Planning – Holding
    (Project coordinator)

    • Future Youth association cooperation residential: operational plans- specialties plans coordination.
    • AFAMIA Beverages Factory. Adraa industrial city
    • Redecoration AFAMIA Beverages company office. Victoria Bridge – Damascus.
    • Mr. Georges GERBAQA`s villa redecoration. Yaafour – Damascus- country side.
    • Mr. Shafek GERBAQA`s villa design. Yaafour – Damascus- country side.

    ALMAKAN co. Architecture – Interior – Furniture. August 2010-March2012: Damascus
    (Plans Director/Site supervisor)
    • Khayat house
    • Alkilani house
    • Alnashef house
    • Araman house
    • Alshibli house
    • Himor house
    • Burj Damascus office.

    Designer Participant Snoc complex: Alnabek- Damascus country side – Syria.

    Site manager:
    Agha Khan Project: Demolition of Adnan Nasser School and fire station buildings- Old city.
    Faracha resort project: Drousha– Damascus country side – Syria.

    MOGANO MF co.: Sept 2009-August 2010: Damascus

    • Modern Furniture.
    • Furnished and wood works in many offices- companies- and banks.

    Participant (August 2008 – September 2008)
    Damascus University – Architecture College “Urban design and architecture excursion to Berlin, Cottbus, Hamburg, Copenhagen and Paris from the 18th of August to the 6th of September 2008”.

    Work shop with students of TU-Berlin (June 2008).
    Damascus university – Architecture college (Damascus – Syria)

    Trainee: (Damascus- Syria)
    OMRAN Office: Etudes – Conseils office (June 2008 – August 2008)
    E. Hikmat CHATTA (BATATA Group) (June 2008 – August 2008)
    E. Gassan KASIS office (Damascus – Syria) (June 2006 -August 2006)

    2009 Bachelor degree in Architecture.

    • SKILLS:
    – Good in English & Arabic (Excellent professionally written and fluently spoken).
    – Experience in AutoCAD – Microsoft office.
    – Having exceptional interpersonal, communication and motivational skills.
    – Proven ability to stay within approved budgets schedules & achieves objectives.
    • Syrian Citizen, Arabic Speaker, Born on 11/Jan/86, Holder of UAE Residency & Driving license Single Status.

    References available upon request.

  30. MOHAMMED ADAM says:

    With over nine years’ experience in architectural design, I have exceptional skills and experience in planning, detailing, designing and coordinating project both in the public and privet sectors. My excellent communication, public relations, problem solving and leadership skills, combined with my deep knowledge of engineering and architectural codes, make me a highly valuable employee and team leader.

  31. ANSIF ASHARAF says:

    Dear Sir

    As I came to know from reasonable source, that you are looking for an Auto CAD/Revit Draughtsman, I am much happy to submit my resume for the same.

    I am a Draughtsman with three experience in autocad 2D ,3DS Max & Revit architectural work, mostly I worked in high raised Buildings ,Apartments ,Masjid project &villa projects. I am confident in my background and abilities are an excellent match for the job.

    I firmly believe that I can make a positive contribution to your company and I have enclosed my resume to provide more information on my skills and experience. I would welcome the opportunity with you for an in-depth discussion and I will make myself available at your first convenience

  32. Mohamed says:

    An arch engineer more than 10 years experince in uae he is ageneral manager of projects managment in rak municaplty ..his expected salary 40000.

  33. Dima Hdaib says:

    Dima Hdaib
    Dubai – UAE
    Mobile: +971 (0)55 885 7824
    E-mail Address:
    Languages: Arabic (Native), English (Fluent)
    Visa Status – Residency Employed

    2000 – 2006 Bachelor Degree in Architectural Engineering,
    Al Baath University, Syria

    An experienced Project Architect / Fit Out Project Manager, with over 11 years working experience, 5 years of which based on projects within the GCC.
    A specialist within the Construction industry, with established and effective managerial and administrative skills. With strong initiative, leading to exceptional problem-solving abilities, will always strive to be a highly-motivated leader of the team ensuring high levels of organization, motivation and exceptional communication skills are imprinted onto team members.
    With an enviable track record in the areas of Project Architect and Project Management professional abilities are well established in project studies and shop drawings, complemented by exceptional communication and interpersonal skills dealing with subcontractors and Clients of all levels.

  34. Rani mechael says:

    At FIMX contracting, I was dealing directly with all government entities in terms of legal documentation that are related to construction of a site such as Dubai Municipality, RTA & DEWA using their online system and face to face. I was also involved in site work (construction and fit out) by coordinating with the head office and subcontractors, suppliers, consultants, inspectors and overall work. In addition to this, I also prepared AutoCAD drawings.

  35. Dear Sir/Madam,

    I would like to be considered for employment in your office . I have attached my cv and some samples of my work for your perusal .

    I am an architect with short yet impressive track record in architectural designing and construction and i have one Year Experience as Site Engineer . I am seeking a challenging position in a result oriented organization to utilize and enhance technical knowledge and creative abilities in achieving strategic business objectives.

    I believe my commitment to excellence, coupled with my solid management background as well as ability to work with and lead teams towards achieving great results with my immense knowledge and skill base gives me a unique and informed perspective from which I can add significant value to your business an

    I would be most grateful for the opportunity of an interview. I look forward to hearing from you in due course.
    Many thanks indeed.
    Kind regards and best wishes,

    Abdullah Al-habshi

  36. Yasser Quttb says:

    Dear Sir,

    Good day, Regarding job vacancies at your Honorable firm’s website, allow me to brief you about why I am perfect for this job,my experiences and skills as follows:

    – I am an Architect with A BSc. from the faculty of “Fine Arts” majored in Architectural design grad. 2004

    – I Worked as an Architect for OLC; an American consultant in Egypt for over 3 years ( )

    – I Specialized in Design, tender documents, design development and construction document deliverables

    – I worked for 5 years in KSA as a Site based architectural consultant, then as a project manager

    – I also worked as a project coordinator for 3 projects with the national consultants bureau in KSA

    – lately I managed to kick-start a Saudi interior design firm’s branch in Cairo as a director of engineering

    – I am currently a DUBAI resident and unemployed, I prefer to do face to face interviews

    It would be much appreciated if you review my attached resume, and contact me for further info.

    thank you for your cooperation, have a nice day.

    Best regards,

    Yasser S. Quttb


  37. Mena Morcos says:

    Good morning dear,

    Hope this mail find you well ,

    I am interested in applying for an Architect-MEP coordinator job as I believe my substantial experience in construction engineering.

    In particular, I’m graduated since 2006 from High Institute for Architecture.
    I have an experience in a construction fields as I worked before with DHABI CONTRACTING (DC) for two years in a lot of projects like:
    * ADNOC Ruwais Housing Complex Expansion “ADU DHABI“
    * Al Khail Avenue Mall “DUBAI“

    My CV is attached, providing further information on how my career background meets your requirements. I would welcome the opportunity to meet with you in person to discuss this further.

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    Mena Morcos

    Tel: 0544417887

Apply only if the role is 70% match to your previous job role . Due to shortage of time/resources only shortlisted candidates will be contacted -

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