Perfume Chemist – India/Dubai

Position: Perfume Chemist

Location : Dubai

Salary+ Accommodation

  • Develop formulas to produce different smells.
  • Evaluates odors of aromatic chemicals to set production standards and ensure adherence by workers engaged in compounding and finishing operations.
  • Directs workers engaged in preparation of perfumes
  • Prepare and reviews batch sheets prepared for distillation to ensure compliance with formulas devised in perfume laboratory.
  • Set up the compounding and distillation areas and determines, by smelling, odor qualities of prepared materials.
  • Approves batches for finishing, from knowledge of odor characteristics and odor blends
  • conforming to customer or laboratory standards.
  • Evaluate fragrances for specific characteristics, such as odor, body, harmony, strength, and
  • Compares odor and color of current sample with samples of previous batches.
  • Rejects batches not meeting criteria, and notifies distillation personnel to redistill product.
  • Devise production formulas.

Skills required

  • 4-5 years’ experience in creation of fragrances for Middle Eastern markets particularly relating to fine fragrance creation
  • Experience in creating perfumes using aromatic chemicals and natural essential oils to bring together specialized blends /perfumes
  • Bachelor Degree in Chemistry.

27 thoughts on “Perfume Chemist – India/Dubai

  1. Ahmed Rashad says:

    I’m Ahmed Rashad from Alexandria, Egypt, i got my bachelor degree in chemistry in 2011 and i have 5 years of work experince as a chemist and chemical engineer.


  2. Ria says:


    I would like to express my interest in working at your company as a Perfume Chemist. I am a Certified Chemical Engineer with 5 years industrial experience. I have gained extensive knowledge in chemical process engineering, chemical analysis, material science, manufacturing and laboratory operations, quality assurance and management, document management, and failure analysis. I would like the opportunity to share these and other facets of my experience with you in a personal interview at your convenience, during which time I hope to learn more about your company and how I can contribute to its success.

    I am looking forward to hear from you soon. Please do not hesitate to contact me at +971-563824588.

  3. zohreh sadat shahzeidi says:

    i am chemist and have master degree in organic chemistry.

  4. Dania sawan says:

    Hello, i have master degree in biochemistry and i have master 2 degree in genomics and health from lebanese university. I would like to express my interest in working at your company as a Perfume Chemist.

  5. nishidh k suva says:

    Hello i have B.SC. in chemistry and i have 4 year experience as a quality officer

  6. yusra iftikhar says:

    Hellow ! Im an organic chemist and i have a bachelors degree with specialization and i did a research also on organic products.

  7. Anees Jaber says:

    Chemist / Researcher & Trainer
    I have Masters’ in Applied Chemistry
    with 11years of Experience between
    Academics, Sales, QC, and R&D

    I taught science for primary and middle schools, I taught Chemistry and Biology for G10 and 11 with HOD position, as well as I trained General Chemistry Laboratories for entry-level university students.

    Anees AM Jaber

  8. Dhanesh M K says:

    Hellow sir, i here by inform you that iam qualified with master in applied chemistry from calicut university campus and 1year experience in quality division. i have immenSe knowledge in analysis… and if i get an opertunity to work with your compny, i will be my level best…

  9. Domenico Frisoli says:

    I’m Domenico Frisoli from italy, i have got master degree in chemistry of bologna university.
    Now i work as Chemical researcher in company active in the field of radioactivity and radiation protection, with artificial and natural sources; but my dream is work for cosmetic company. For this I would like to express my interest as a Perfume Chemist.
    Please do not hesitate to contact me at:

  10. VIPIN says:

    I’m vipin from dubai , i have completed my post graduation in Analytical chemistry at Sheffield Hallam University,UK. i sent my cv to the mail ID given below ,kindly take a look sir. Hoping a good reply from your side.
    my contact no: +971552250485

  11. Jijosh says:

    can u send me the direct mail id

  12. Fatma beneldjemoui says:

    I am Fatma BENELDJEMOUI from aAlgeria. I am a new graduate chemist 2017. I got my BSc degree in analytical chemistry in my homeland Algeria after my classement I got a scholarship to complete my MSc degree in hungary. I did my diploma work in organic chemistry .I have no experience in the work life
    But I will do my best and I will be grateful if you can give me a chance to discover the real life with you with chemistry (parfums ).
    don’t hesitate to contact me
    My phone nb:0036202243277



    I am Nidal Siyam I have been graduate with great skills of scientific laboratories specializing in Chemistry. My knowledge and experience includes Quality Control and Chemical Analysis for more than 7 years. In addition of managerial skills in Investment field.
    Hoping a good reply from your side..

    don’t hesitate to contact me
    My phone no. :+971526508850

  14. zeeshan says:

    wish to maintain a long term care relationship with reputable and growth oriented organization in a pure
    practical and competitive environment
    Willing to relocate: Anywhere
    dubai municipality rigestration coordinator
    Swiss Arabain perfume group international – Sharjah – January 2017 to Present
    i am responsible all ingredient of my relative information of documents and i clear all and registered product
    Production Planning assistant
    – 2016 to Present
    SWISS ARABIAN PERFUMES, SAIF zone, Sharjah. One of the largest manufacturer and export of perfumes
    in Middle East.
    Essences store Assistant
    – 2014 to 2016
    Main Responsibility:
    • Check the all kind of essences
    • How to prepare bulk and decide the essences % in perfume
    • Decide and control the flow of all essence in perfume
    • Decide the ration of (Dipropylene Glycol | DPG Oil)
    Decide the body spray bulk and gas average control
    Production Planning Assistant -present
    Main Responsibility:
    Executing the production plan
    Attain production with maximum efficiency with optimum quality
    Reduce the machine breakdown time
    Update all the production activity using the Microsoft Dynamics AX software.
    • Check shortage Raw Materials check sale order ratio
    • Chalking out the plan for raw material procurement, as per the production plan and draft the consumption
    pattern and conduct the variation analysis.
    Essences store Assistant
    – 2015 to 2015
    SWISS ARABIAN PERFUMES, SAIF zone, Sharjah. One of the largest manufacturer and export of perfumes
    in Middle East.
    Essences store Assistant
    – 2014 to 2014
    SWISS ARABIAN PERFUMES, aroma concept perfumes laboratory SAIF zone, Sharjah.
    production supervisor
    – 2013 to 2013
    past working Asian paint company international Pakistan.
    B.COM in D.COM


  15. Ayman Nayfeh says:

    I have a good experience for a logistics and transportation manager jobs.and I wish if I can get interview chance.

  16. Vikash kumar says:

    Medical store 10 years experience I am customer hands with proscribe doctor proscribe medicine doze good medicine salt experience language Hindi English in India from up contact no .9910919281 _10th pass

  17. Willa Abbas says:


    I am a fresh chemical engineering graduate from the most prestigious university in the UAE (The American University of Sharjah (AUS)). I am very eager & interested to work as a Perfume Chemist at your company as I have thorough understanding of concepts from chemistry in addition to my chemical engineering background. Other than I have thorough knowledge of product quality & assurance, HSE & customer satisfaction. Moreover, I have excellent lab analytical skills & I can perform risk and HAZOP analysis.
    This opportunity will help me grow professionally & will allow me to apply my learnt educational knowledge and skills. I want to provide fresh ideas and solutions to improve the efficiency & quality of the products/perfumes produced. As an individual, I am very flexible, confident & a quick learner. I am also a great team player as throughout my undergraduate studies, I have been a part of many academic team projects that require collaboration & good communication skills.
    Even though I have no experience in the industry, I would be extremely grateful for this opportunity.

  18. POOJA MISHRA says:

    Dear Sir,
    I Am Interested To Working In Your Organization. Please Find The Attachement.

  19. POOJA MISHRA says:

    Dear Sir,
    good evening .My name is pooja mishra .I have done my .MSc(Organic chemistry).My contact no:9833357292

  20. James C. De Guzman says:

    Dear Sir/Madam,,

    Good day,

    I have seen at Jobs77 that you are in need of LAB ANALYST, I am writing to apply for the said position. I am James C. De Guzman, 35 years old, residing at Santiago Concepcion Tarlac Philippines. As a Bachelor of Science in (Chemistry major) graduate, I am looking forward to applying my skills in a practical setting. I am a hardworking, enthusiastic person and would be thrilled to work for your company given its exemplary reputation for quality and innovation. I have gained work experience as a Chemist at Environment Development Company Limited in Saudia to further enhance my technical skills and gain some additional laboratory experience. Environment Development Company Limited is an environmental company established to provide environmental management services including hazardous waste management, environmental engineering, analytical services, environmental testing and environmental health and safety training to local and national industries within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It has been a wonderful experience working within this big and very productive team and I have enjoyed assisting the Lab Manager/General Manager particularly when performing quality control testing of the incoming wastes.At Environment Development Company Limited I am responsible for performing GC, GC/MS, ICPOES, UV VIS, CALORIMETER, TCLP, FLASH POINT TESTER, TURBIDIMETER, etc…

    Through my previous work, I have gained excellent communication and interpersonal skills, along with the ability to solve problems and handle challenging situations.I would welcome the opportunity to discuss this application with you further, and look forward to hearing from you.

    Please find attached file for my CV.

    Thank you.

    James C. De Guzman
    Cel# +639286156084 or +639476469026
    Skype id:

  21. Marwan Medhat Shawky Soliman says:

    Alexandria mineral oils company (AMOC)
    Easy coming to UAE
    Have close relates working in UAE for 8 years
    I had experience in organic field industry
    Waiting a response at my email to send my detailed CV

  22. Celson André Cudiongina says:

    Please find attached file for my CV (Technical Support Stant Issuing and Project Management).

    Best regards
    Celson Cudiongina

  23. Mostafa Sanad says:

    Hello, I am Mostafa Sanad, working at Givaudan Egypt in QC for 5 years, and i am interested in perfumery and fragrances field.

  24. Lijumon K Korah says:

    Hi Please find the attached CV
    Kind regards

  25. Abdulsami says:

    Dear Sir,
    I Am Interested To Working In Your Organization. Please Find The Attachment.

  26. DHANYA C I says:

    Dear Hr
    I would like to apply for the SAME in your esteemed organisation.

    Looking forward to hear from you.

    Your s sincerely,

    Dhanya C I

  27. rahul says:

    Dear Sir,
    good morning .My name is Rahul Ingawale .I have done my .MSc chemistry.and 6 yrs expreince in chemical company My contact no:9921363732

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