Collection Officer (Real Estate Developer) – Upto AED 8K – Dubai

Title: Collection Officer (Real Estate Developer)

Location: Dubai

Salary: Upto AED 8K


At least 1 year of real estate experience.

Accepting payments (Cash/ Cheque, Credit Cards & Wire Transfer) and recording collected payments in project wise payment plan reports and circulating the reports daily with finance.
 Issuing error free quotations to sales team.
 Support and assisting sales team in filling up cheques and other payment methods.
 Depositing the Cash payments received regularly to bank/collection agency and timely reporting to finance.
 Preparation of Booking documents in adherence to the policy and procedure of the company.
 Obtain timely deviation approvals for pricing, payment plans and others if any.
 Capturing customer contact details such phone number, e-mail id, address at the time of booking. Assisting sales team in completing bookings, preparing and circulating reports as per the management requirements.
 Preparing daily reports as required

Please refrain from applying if your profile is not exact match for this role. CVs to

Whilst we will endeavor to contact you following your application, due to the high volume of applications if you have not had notification from us within 24 hours please take your application as not being successful this time, we will keep your details in the database for future opportunities.

NB: Please note that, not getting shortlisted for a role is no reflection on your skills or qualifications; it simply means that the hiring manager is giving more priority to many other specific factors other than skills or experience which are relevant to this position based on their current business requirements.*

Please note that candidates are NOT selected merely based on skills/experience . Majority of the Hiring Managers use Talent Analytics that check various factors based on their previous hires, including Suitability to team/company culture, Possible duration a candidate sticks with the company, Nature of client-pool, Work locations/timings, Market Knowledge and many other factors that add value to business. The hiring decisions are taken to run the business at low-risk in steady, optimized, efficient manner.



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Apply only if the role is 70% match to your previous job role . Due to shortage of time/resources only shortlisted candidates will be contacted -

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